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PortIT accelerates Toonie go-to-market with innovative community app

Toonie offers various digital and innovative services to meet the needs of Local Communities. Our technology helps them successfully onboard new app users and merchants, and includes integrated payments, messaging and marketplace solutions.

The Toonie team had a vision for a game-changing mobile payment app

Toonie had a fresh idea on how technology could help local communities and needed a fluid solution to be deployed to the app stores quickly. They chose PortIT to make it happen.

Our approach

Scoped requirements, demoed several time-saving modules to Toonie, adapted to their needs, and prepared a breakdown of the effort for new features and functionalities.


Built a prototype and then delivered a cross-platform application for iOS and Android with m-payments and integrated offers marketplace with easy-to-use UX and internal back office.


Helped the Toonie team adapt and deploy the solution to comply with a new jurisdiction, developed a QA testing framework, and support the team with feature iterations, merchant solutions, new feature inception and end-to-end continuous development.

The Toonie Stack

Throughout the partnership, PortIT was able to adapt some of its modular technology stack for the evolution of Toonie to cut their go-to-market time and costs in half.

Due to the platform’s modularity, we have been able to help Toonie launch quickly and securely in a completely different jurisdiction than the initial requirement.

Mobile technologies

We created a cross-platform experience for iOS and Android to match Toonie’s aim to simplify payments and interactions within local communities. Our middleware framework approach kept application development time quick and cost-effective and ensured we could deploy a client-side and merchant side app in a couple of months.

Customer Engagement Platform

Our engagement platform helps save Toonie customers hours every day by letting them build and send timely messages and offers to users to create stronger connections and loyalty. It includes location-based marketing, segmentation, voucher creation, campaign builder, push notifications and in-app chats, and real-time reporting.

Modular onboarding

You only get to make an excellent first impression once, so we delivered a seamless, modern, frictionless onboarding experience. Toonie sped up the typical onboarding build time by reusing a module we had already developed in our stack. They needed to onboard minors, so we swiftly customised the module in hardly any time to suit both their user experience and compliance needs.

Peer-to-peer payments

Our P2P payment module lets Toonie users quickly transfer and receive money through the app with instant security verification and payment notifications. Ideal for a range of scenarios, including lending and collecting money to and from contacts, pooling in for group expenses, paying for school dinners, fundraising, splitting bills, paying for clubs and trips, and more.

Automated KYC CaaS

Toonie made use of PortIT’s automated KYC API to save time with automatic identity checks and documented screening and verify users in a matter of seconds. Add to this our Compliance-as-a-Service offering. With proactive management, company policies and customer monitoring, we help Toonie to stay compliant with ever-changing regulation.

Merchant Solutions

The QR code and merchant interface technology we created for Toonie gives its merchants a simple way to accept payments, capture spending habits and behaviours and build loyalty. Toonie removes the need and costs of a standard typical card reader through QR and NFC technologies, saving its merchants physical hardware and associated monthly fees.

Location Based, QR, NFC payments

QR codes and NFC technology developed by PortIT give Toonie app users a quick, easy and secure contactless way to pay for items and redeem marketplace offers in a couple of taps. It provides schools and local businesses a low-cost, simple way to collect school fees, payments for extra-curricular activities, and in-store payments.

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