PortIT builds intuitive, scalable, future-ready technology solutions for the fintech industry.

Your trusted technology partner in fintech

Informed by our real-world experience in developing innovative and exciting products for the next generation of fintech users, we partner with businesses to help you build, test and maintain full-stack multi-platform solutions from inception to go-live.

About PortIT

Founded in 2018, PortIT’s mission is to be the technology partner of choice for fintech businesses.

From payments to crowdfunding to financial marketplaces and fintech ecosystems, we partner with companies, small and large, to bring their vision of digital innovation and seamless user experience to life.

Our Clients

What we do?

Supporting your fintech business at every stage

At PortIT, our team of dedicated engineers build exceptional products, mobile and web applications, online platforms, front-end portals and back-office systems. Whatever the requirements, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to take your product idea and current systems to the next level.

Combining advanced technical know-how and years of industry experience, we work closely with you to create innovative solutions that automate processes, enhance security and increase efficiencies across your entire product lifecycle.

How we work

01. Inception

Creating a product that solves the unique challenges your customers face begins with fully understanding their needs.

Through iterative cycles of research and feedback, we work with you to build an innovative technology solution with the best product/market fit.

02. MVP

Attracting early adopters and integrating their feedback is essential to refining your MVP product and creating a seamless user experience.

Our agile approach to software helps you prioritise sprints, respond quickly to changing requirements and allows for a quicker go-to-market.

03. Expansion

Gather early feedback, expand your product feature set and delight your users with exceptional customer service.

Our team will guide you toward the right technology implementation choices for your unique needs and help you navigate this complex, fast-paced industry with ease.

04. Maintenance

Our work is not complete when your product is released.

Our dedicated team ensure all of your technical infrastructure environments and systems are proactively maintained, optimised and fault-proof so that everything is aligned and released in a coordinated manner.

Our fully transparent approach gives you a complete overview of the time and costs involved in end-to-end product development

Key benefits

Specialised in fintech

We have extensive experience developing products for the fintech industry. From inception to go-live, we provide the intuitive, scalable and industry-secure technology required to make your vision a reality.

One-stop-shop tech partner

Partnering with PortIT eliminates the time-consuming and costly need to liaise with multiple third parties to synchronise deployments. Streamlining your workflow to a single provider reduces overheads, compliance and removes the messy audit trail of multiple IT contracts.

Strong emphasis on security

Our team incorporates security best practices, procedures and guidelines throughout all workflows, code and internal systems. With a thorough testing and review culture with routine scans, scenarios, and QA ensure any bugs or security flaws are quickly identified and contained.

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